Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I now also have another blog titled: Cloth Dolls By Vada with it's own domain:  Check out http://www.clothdollsbyvada.com/
I have set that one up with pages for my dolls, dolls for sale directly from me, free patterns (pdf files), my photography, stories, etc., and other miscellaneous nonsense.  The pages there will support the pdf files, as well as many other types, so you can easily download any patterns I post there. I hope to have some ready in the near future. 
Be sure to visit all the pages listed in the menu.

Merry  Christmas, everyone!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

All dressed up and ready to go....

 Ready to be delivered.
Final touches included a new hairdo for one, and handbags for both.  

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just in time for Christmas...gifts, that is.

At last,  I've completed the two dolls I've been doing on comission. These have been a challenge, as my creativity was making a great effort to take a vacation. I started with the pattern, Contessa, by Michelle Munzone, from the November issue of Soft Dolls and Animals. I made several tops for the one in pink, before settling on this one, but knew I wanted to use the pink dotted for her skirt. The black and white fabric and dotted ribbon were an easy choice. I made the shoes out of polymer clay, glued on the ribbons, adding an insole to cover them. They were fun to make.
These two lovely ladies, Donna and Maria, have a gift shop here in Versailles,  full of colorful, unique and fun things: Pretty In Pink.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

All dolled up and somewhere to go !!

Wow, Those red and green 'silks' provided a real thrill yesterday! (Saturday)  Pluck won the Breeders' Cup Juvenile Turf (for two-year-old colts). Watch it here:


Thursday, November 4, 2010

And, they're off!.....

Well, perhaps a 'horse of a different color'!
Team Valor's entry in the Juvenile Turf  is very dark bay-nearly black.  His race will be run at 1:50 pm Eastern time, Saturday, Nov. 6th.
The Breeders' Cup World Championships 2010 takes place at Churchill Downs, in Louisville, KY. Nov 5 and 6.
 You can watch them on ABC and/or ESPN.  Pick your favorites, and enjoy a day at the races, from your living room, because it's going to be a very cold weekend !!  We're expecting our first frost on Friday night.

The derby display (below) featured the horse and some of my dolls, in spring, 2006. All the jockeys (fifty of them!) were a special order and became corporate Christmas gifts for select clients! They were a real challenge, and never again will I commit to more than one of anything. Ha! But they were fun, too, and each had his own personality.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One Hundred and Two !!

I made this doll a few years ago, and he reminded me so much of (step-?) uncle Ard, that I named him "Old Mr. Ardmore".

Seemed a logical  subject for a Birthday Card on the occasion of Ard's ONE HUNDRED AND SECOND birthday!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gifts of the Magi

A couple of links to share regarding the Magi and their gifts.

 Gold is pretty well understood: the universal 'money', always a useful gift.
 But we are less familiar with Frankinsence and Myrrh. To learn more about these ancient herbs, click here:  http://www.itmonline.org/arts/myrrh.htm

The 'wise men from the east', often referred to as the Magi: Who might they have been?  Try this link:  http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/09527a.htm

magi, work in process

 The Magi are almost finished. Headresses yet to be completed, the robe for the tall dark one needs some trim, or at least, a hem. Also, their gifts are unfinished. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

New and improved shepherds??

I made the shepherd taller by putting him on a taller bottle, so then he'd outgrown his gown, so now he has a new one! I think his proportions are better, now. Thanks to Kat Lees for suggesting that solution to the impression of the head being too large.  Better now.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tidings of Joy

Shepherd and son.  These need some improvements, probably smaller heads.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

An angel...

The Angel, Gloria, for the nativity set.
All the human figures for this set will be bottle-covers.
Height will depend on the chosen bottle.
Gloria is about15 inches.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Holy Family finished

Well, I have changed their hair and worked on Joseph's features. Picture at left: beard lightened to brown as I 'tweaked' the image, to see the details in the shadows. It's really black, as in the other photo. And Mary's is brown, not auburn.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Nativity figure no. 2

Joseph, like Mary, is still a work in process, and will probably have several changes before I declare him 'finished'. I'm not sure how Mary will be presented but I think I prefer her seated. Or perhaps reclining, but definitely holding her baby. And I like Joseph being close.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Work in progress....

Here, at last, is a peek at my first figure for the Cloth Doll Artistry Nativity challenge. Mary is definitely a work in progress, at this point, and I've not made the infant, yet, but I am getting a good start on the set. My goal is to develope patterns as I go, and eventually offer the entire set as a printed pattern. Well, of course the first goal is to get at least the major players finished by Christmas. Hehehe. The set will have 11 or 12 figures, including 2 or 3 animals.  The 'people' will be  15-17 inches tall, and will have a surprise feature, which I will reveal a little later. Curious? I will post more pictures at least weekly.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I love butterflies!

Leslie was a little bored, sitting on the shelf, so she went out to the meadow to pick some flowers. A butterfly came by to visit and check out her little bouquet. Leslie loves sunshine, butterflies and flowers!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Daisy's new friend

And here is Daisy with her new friend, Leslie.  Daisy seems a little wistful, very thoughtful, perhaps a little sad, which is unusual for a fairy.  Leslie, on the other hand, is a rather flirty little ballerina, thinking of all the mischief she can get into, even without wings.

Many of the dolls pictured on this blog have been commissioned, or have been sold, but many others are still adoptable. It is hard to part with them, as each becomes 'a part of the family' as they are being created, but the house would burst at the seams if I kept them all. In fact, that is part of the reason I named my very first website, Cramalot Inn.  So, if anyone is interested in any of them,  please contact me at vada428@windstream.net,
or Wendy or Joyce at Truly Bluegrass Gifts and Collectibles in Versailles, KY. trulybluegrass@yahoo.com

Friday, August 6, 2010

Fairy with a daisy

This is Faye, another of the group. 5 more of these to finish up, but I may set the rest aside and work on the Nativity Challenge dolls. If I don't start soon, I'll not get many (or any) of them done before Christmas. This summer has been slipping away quickly, and I'm sure the fall will come and go at the same speed. ;)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ballerina dreams........

This is Chloe. She is another of the unfinished group of fairies waiting in line on the craft table. Her head is one of my pin-doll heads. I made her as a little ballerina, as she reminded me of a young lady I know, so she does not have wings. Her costume of polyester knit sheer is cut in petals with 'burned' edges. Wool roving hair. Painted shoes and leotard.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A little 'something different'.

A little 'sewing cottage'.
Heavy double-sided interfacing bonded to fabrics and satin stitched on all edges, shaped as a fold-out bird house with removeable roof which forms the lid. I have made these as photo albums, but this one was furnished as a sewing kit, complete with pincushion, needles, and threads. The base is about 3-1/2 inches square. Cotton and silk fabrics, with lace trims.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sienna, updated

.Oops! The eyebrows were missing!! What was I thinking, to send her out without her make-up??   Sienna (at left) has a 'flatty' or 'pancake' face, with only a couple of sculpting stiches at the corners of her mouth. I have also made these little seated fairies with fully needle sculpted features, and various wing styles, such as Nikki.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer and Sienna

After taking time off in June for vacation and gardening, etc., I've begun to get back to work in the craft-room. While I consider the style, size, patterns, fabrics, etc., to be used for my CDA Nativity challenge project, I have begun to finish up a group of 'Merryhill Faeries', started ages ago. Their 'parts' have been sewn and mostly stuffed, just hanging out in the shoe-bag pockets.

This is Sienna. She is the gatherer and protector of seeds. She has collected some wisteria seeds in her milkweed pod 'bowl'.  Sienna sits 6-1/2 inches tall. She has feather wings and feather trim on her turban.    Her ears are made of wisteria seeds, and her earrings are exotic seeds.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Art has a new home

I'm happy to report that the doll, "Art in the Park", was a hit, received lots of flattering comments and attention, and was 'won' at a final bid of $230. He will have a prominent position with a local artist group. I'll be more specific when I get the details, and perhaps a picture of Art in his new home.  

Meanwhile, back at the park......After 2 inches of rain Friday night, the weather was mostly sunny and warm, for the art-fest on Saturday, with some cloudy moments, as in this picture.
More photos at http://photosbyvmw.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

As seen on TV....!!

Click here to see Art in the Park, Versailles    Video.
One of the Lexington tv channels May 19 noon news, did a segment promoting the Art fair  this weekend.  My item for the auction(Art) got front and center stage, in the sampling they showed in this interview.

(I don't know how long this video will be available for view.)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An Old Doll on a New Moon

This moon was just hanging there on the wall, and when the old cow saw it, she leapt right up there onto it. I think she tried to jump over the moon, and couldn't quite make it, so she decided to just act 'real cool', and hang out for a while. Shiny knit moon, 15 inches.Removable satin cow, Shar-moose, dressed in cotton print, is about 21 inches tall.  My original design, except head is from an old pattern, 'Udder Bliss', designer unknown.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Art In The Park!

Introducing: Art In the Park
I created Art especially for the Art-In-The-Park festival here in Versailles, on May 22nd. Part of the proceeds go to the festival committee, to help defray expenses. He will be offered in the silent auction, at the preview dinner, on May 21st.  

Art was created using Chanelle Reid's pattern 'Barry goes to the Beach'. I made his legs a bit longer, and designed trousers and a 'hawaiian' shirt for him. His sandals were made of long leather fringe strips and the souls were cut from a mouse pad, so he can stand firmly on his feet all day. Wool roving hair, mustache, brows and chest hair. His easel is made from dowels and balsa wood, his pallet is paper mache, the paintbox is faux-leather covered, inside and out, and contains several tubes of paints and an extra brush. He has just finished and signed the painting of the little bridge in Big Spring Park, where the festival will be held. The 'grass' under his feet is a piece of fun fur. He's all decked out with his name tag, so everyone will know who he is. Which of course, he really doesn't need, because he is a 'regular' there, and at other scenic spots around town, and is already known by everyone in this small town.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Shrink Art Composition

A little comic relief for today.

I call this little composition,
"Credit Management".

Or "Fold, Spindle, and Mutilate!"

Decoupage, on a sheet of plexiglass, painted on the reverse side.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Betty Anne and Bitsy

Here is Betty Anne and her little friend, Bitsy. They are 8 and 16 inches tall.   Made from free patterns, Betty Anne is an all-on-one-page no-instructions-no-picture design by MBH titled PegO'Myhart, complete with buttoned mary-janes.     Bitsy's pattern is Itsy Bitsy by Bowls-n-Annies.  These two were fairly quick and fun to make. I've enjoyed making some of this style of doll for a change of pace. 
........Feb. 9, 2011...
I have posted the patterns for these two little girls, on my other blog http://clothdollsbyvada.com/patterns   They are pdf files and should print out correctly for you. I can no longer find them online anywhere.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Putting in their "two cents' worth"...

Introducing the Penny Loafers. Each has a penny in toe of each shoe, and love to sit around on your shelf, offering their bit of advice or whimsical  wisdom. They are "bean bag" dolls, filled with rice and a bit of bay leaf. If they look somewhat familiar, it's because I used my pindoll faces for them.

I am indebted to Deborah Milstead of North Carolina who graciously shared her pattern for her charming 'Ladies of Ella Moon', which, of course, I promptly mutilated, changing the leg design, and the name. (I always have to tamper with things, you know.)
You can see Deborah's dolls on Cloth Doll Artistry at http://clothdolls.ning.com/profile/DeborahMilstead?xg_source=profiles_memberList

Monday, March 29, 2010

A bunny thing happened on the way to the farm...

This is my entry in the Cloth Doll Artistry Easter Bunny challenge.   Using the free pattern provided, we were free to be as creative as we wished, as long as we used all five pattern parts. I enlarged the parts, variously, and changed the pose. I used buttons for eyes and nose, pompoms for muzzle, added a tail cut as a small egg. She has wired ears, and a bow, fishline whiskers. She is 8 inches tall, to the top of her head, not counting her 8-inch long ears. Her fabric is an embroidered  cotton broadcloth. This is the original pattern (at right).
I also made these two variations. The little pink one is the original size. She is made of fleece with gingham inner ears and foot pads. She sits 5 inches tall, not counting her ears.  The grey hare (Jack Rabbit?) is enlarged about 50%, but only sits 4 inches to the top of his head, because of his pose.  All the pieces were cut by the pattern, the fabric and amount of stuffing making the difference in shape, and assembly offered lots of options.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sweeter by the half dozen

Here are some dolls I made from the pattern Sweet Annie, by Mamaw's Creations. I tried to keep these 'kid friendly'. The features are all embroidered, the hair is sewn on, they have a bit of sand in their bottoms to help them sit up, their hair ribbons are anchored to the head. Their bloomers have elastic waists, dresses are sewn at the back, so they have no buttons that might come off.
They were such good little girls, I took them to Painter's Shoes and got them each a pair of nice new 'MaryJanes'. They put on their nametags and hurried out the door to go 'shopping'. They're sure to be adopted soon, and I'll miss them!!

Annie Sue, Annie May, Annie Lea, Annie Lisa, Annie Jo, and Annie Maria are 12 inches tall.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Another batch of bunnies, free pattern

Just in time for Easter: Here's another of my patterns from the past.

This is Hopp, Skipp, Jumpp, and Ronn.

Unfortunately, the instructions are missing, and I have not had time to re-write them, but the pattern is quite simple and self-explanatory, so I'm sure one does not really need instructions for it.  It could be made up in fleece, just as well, and cotton fabrics would be cute, too. Easy way to do the ears: bond the lining to the felt, stitch around edges, and trim close to seam.

I've saved it in pdf, at about 250 kb and at 950 kb. The smaller file is still adequate, larger is sharper. It includes a picture and materials list.

As with Belinda, below, just drop me an email, I'll happily send a copy to anyone who wants it.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A free pattern for all...

Here's Belinda Jane Whitebunny.

This is a pattern I created in 1998.  I have copied it to pdf document form, and will be happy to email pattern and instructions to anyone who wants it. Just email me at


or post a comment here.

I have a few other old patterns that I plan to convert to pdf and offer free, when I can get to it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Introducing Vanessa

This is Vanessa. I used Patti  Culea's pattern, Janet Anne, for her. She turned out 24 inches tall, a bit more than the pattern, because my small piece of fabric could only be cut 'crossways'. So she is very long legged, but I like this pattern. Patti's designs are a joy to work with.  Vanessa's gown is made out of a 'thrifted' scarf, her shoes from a curtain fabric sample. Her hair is part of a scrungie from the dollar store! I tried several hair colors and materials, and like this best. 
Below, here's an alternative 'look' she and I considered. But I had wanted to make up the pleated scarf.....it looks so spring-like.  Better lighting on this picture, the flash above is a little harsh.