Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year! Enter to win....

  • Happy New Year to all! And to help make the year 2012 a little happier each month, and also to help clear my overcrowded craft room shelves, I have decided to give away a doll a month---Twelve in 'Twelve.
Visit here each month, leave a comment, and your name will be entered for that month's drawing!!
  •  In the cold winter, a good cup of tea (or coffee) warms the tummy and a bit of whimsy warms the spirit. So January's Doll of the Month is the 6-inch tall "Tea-Pot" which I named Perque, adapted from Jill Maas' pattern Happy Harry Have-a-heart.
If you have trouble leaving a comment below, email me: 

OR...As an added incentive to enter, (January 'bonus') the winner gets to choose between Perque and his brother, Pierre.