Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just in time for, that is.

At last,  I've completed the two dolls I've been doing on comission. These have been a challenge, as my creativity was making a great effort to take a vacation. I started with the pattern, Contessa, by Michelle Munzone, from the November issue of Soft Dolls and Animals. I made several tops for the one in pink, before settling on this one, but knew I wanted to use the pink dotted for her skirt. The black and white fabric and dotted ribbon were an easy choice. I made the shoes out of polymer clay, glued on the ribbons, adding an insole to cover them. They were fun to make.
These two lovely ladies, Donna and Maria, have a gift shop here in Versailles,  full of colorful, unique and fun things: Pretty In Pink.


bois-fleurie said...

Great dolls, love their clothing.

Laura Jannika said...

Fabulous likenesses! Thanks for checking out my blog. I live in Michigan but my brother, Tom Janoski, teaches at UK and we visit at least once a year. I think they make bourbon in your town! I would love to see your dolls in person!