Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ballerina dreams........

This is Chloe. She is another of the unfinished group of fairies waiting in line on the craft table. Her head is one of my pin-doll heads. I made her as a little ballerina, as she reminded me of a young lady I know, so she does not have wings. Her costume of polyester knit sheer is cut in petals with 'burned' edges. Wool roving hair. Painted shoes and leotard.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A little 'something different'.

A little 'sewing cottage'.
Heavy double-sided interfacing bonded to fabrics and satin stitched on all edges, shaped as a fold-out bird house with removeable roof which forms the lid. I have made these as photo albums, but this one was furnished as a sewing kit, complete with pincushion, needles, and threads. The base is about 3-1/2 inches square. Cotton and silk fabrics, with lace trims.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sienna, updated

.Oops! The eyebrows were missing!! What was I thinking, to send her out without her make-up??   Sienna (at left) has a 'flatty' or 'pancake' face, with only a couple of sculpting stiches at the corners of her mouth. I have also made these little seated fairies with fully needle sculpted features, and various wing styles, such as Nikki.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer and Sienna

After taking time off in June for vacation and gardening, etc., I've begun to get back to work in the craft-room. While I consider the style, size, patterns, fabrics, etc., to be used for my CDA Nativity challenge project, I have begun to finish up a group of 'Merryhill Faeries', started ages ago. Their 'parts' have been sewn and mostly stuffed, just hanging out in the shoe-bag pockets.

This is Sienna. She is the gatherer and protector of seeds. She has collected some wisteria seeds in her milkweed pod 'bowl'.  Sienna sits 6-1/2 inches tall. She has feather wings and feather trim on her turban.    Her ears are made of wisteria seeds, and her earrings are exotic seeds.