Monday, October 4, 2010

New and improved shepherds??

I made the shepherd taller by putting him on a taller bottle, so then he'd outgrown his gown, so now he has a new one! I think his proportions are better, now. Thanks to Kat Lees for suggesting that solution to the impression of the head being too large.  Better now.


Beverly...Heartland Creations said...

Wow your dolls are beautiful, they look so real! Love your work!

Nicki Lee said...


I've been wandering around your blog and am so in awe of all the beautiful dolls you have created - the faces are awesome!! My girlfriend is just now interested in learning how to make dolls - you are such an inspiration that I will have to share your site with her. Thank you fro all the wonderful eye candy.

Nicki Lee

Vada said...

Thank you,Beverly and Nicki! I'm glad you enjoyed the blog, and thanks too, for 'passing it along'. Dollmaking is such a satisfying outlet for creativity. Endless possibilities.....
Have fun with it!
Thanks too for posting your comments. The feedback is always appreciated.