Saturday, June 20, 2009

re: comments

I have changed the settings, so it should be possible for anyone to post comments, now. Your feedback is appreciated.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Double take....

Well, it seems everyone thought the doll in blue (Nina) looked very much like my customer, and she liked it, too, but really wanted the body of the other one, Bea. So I did a head transplant or swap. And actually, I like them both better new. I'm happy with both of them. This is not the kind of thing I would normally do, as one might have turned out ok, and the other not be right at all. Fortunately, these two were cut from the same pattern and material.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Quilting Bea

I have finished the two quilting ladies. Here's a snapshot I took of them as they were leaving for their quilting bee. I named them Nina Blox and Quilting Bea. The upper body and heads are cut from the same pattern, Bea's long quilted skirt covers her stump body. I like her best. Nina has a stand. I put tubes in her legs, a grommet at the foot, a hole in her removeable shoes, and brass rods in the base board. She slips over the rods for an invisible, rigid support. (I should patent that!) Nina stands 26 inches tall, including her base, and Bea is a full 30 inches. Their accessories include sewing basket, scissors, thread, pins and needles, tape measure, ruler, quilting hoop, a 'jelly roll' of fabric strips, quilting 'books', and a stash of a dozen 6x9" assorted fabrics. Plus a little quilt they are working on. Bea's is 14" sq., pieced and backed with muslin without batting to reduce bulk, pinned, and ready to start quilting. Nina's is a printed quilt-look fabric, basted together with batting and muslin backing.

These two are my adaptations of a free pattern I got online several years ago. I have enlarged and changed it many times, and it is my favorite basic body design.

If you'll pardon the nudity (and you thought this was a 'safe' site'!!), here's Bea in the dressing room.