Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Betty Anne and Bitsy

Here is Betty Anne and her little friend, Bitsy. They are 8 and 16 inches tall.   Made from free patterns, Betty Anne is an all-on-one-page no-instructions-no-picture design by MBH titled PegO'Myhart, complete with buttoned mary-janes.     Bitsy's pattern is Itsy Bitsy by Bowls-n-Annies.  These two were fairly quick and fun to make. I've enjoyed making some of this style of doll for a change of pace. 
........Feb. 9, 2011...
I have posted the patterns for these two little girls, on my other blog http://clothdollsbyvada.com/patterns   They are pdf files and should print out correctly for you. I can no longer find them online anywhere.

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