Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Introducing Vanessa

This is Vanessa. I used Patti  Culea's pattern, Janet Anne, for her. She turned out 24 inches tall, a bit more than the pattern, because my small piece of fabric could only be cut 'crossways'. So she is very long legged, but I like this pattern. Patti's designs are a joy to work with.  Vanessa's gown is made out of a 'thrifted' scarf, her shoes from a curtain fabric sample. Her hair is part of a scrungie from the dollar store! I tried several hair colors and materials, and like this best. 
Below, here's an alternative 'look' she and I considered. But I had wanted to make up the pleated looks so spring-like.  Better lighting on this picture, the flash above is a little harsh.

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