Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I love butterflies!

Leslie was a little bored, sitting on the shelf, so she went out to the meadow to pick some flowers. A butterfly came by to visit and check out her little bouquet. Leslie loves sunshine, butterflies and flowers!


Happy Frog Quilting said...

hi vada! i am from Kentucky also! right now i am out in the desert, tho, in Phoenix! i love to quilt and make cloth dolls and am a member of CDA. good to "meet" you and love your dolls!! patricia wills

Peggy B said...

I love your Leslie creation...especially the use of color!!! I met you on CDA today when you commented on my first my Dotee doll. Your images show how talented you are!!

Vada said...

Thank you, Peggy.
Sorry about the delay in responding. I only just noticed your comment, here. I forget to check them, now and then. I hope you have a very good "New Year--2011" with many hours of fun and creativity!