Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer and Sienna

After taking time off in June for vacation and gardening, etc., I've begun to get back to work in the craft-room. While I consider the style, size, patterns, fabrics, etc., to be used for my CDA Nativity challenge project, I have begun to finish up a group of 'Merryhill Faeries', started ages ago. Their 'parts' have been sewn and mostly stuffed, just hanging out in the shoe-bag pockets.

This is Sienna. She is the gatherer and protector of seeds. She has collected some wisteria seeds in her milkweed pod 'bowl'.  Sienna sits 6-1/2 inches tall. She has feather wings and feather trim on her turban.    Her ears are made of wisteria seeds, and her earrings are exotic seeds.

1 comment:

Margarita said...

Very pretty dolls, I like the rhythm and harmony that you accomplished in the bodies, specially in the arms.