Friday, April 24, 2009

School Days, report card

I received a packet of letters from the kids at the elementary school where I did the Arts Day thing in late February. (see posting: School Days, below). These are really priceless. You'll have to click each one for a large enough view to read them. My visitors were Kindergarten to 5th grade classes.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


She's sewn, signed, and delivered today (to the BG shop). The lady I made her for will pick her up there, probably quite soon, as her response to the picture I sent her was enthusiastic. The doll is 24 inches tall, from the tip of her hat to her heels. She has button-jointed hips so she can be posed sitting, or running as she is in the original image. (Logo for customer's hair-bows and clips shop in Winchester, KY.-- She plans to have a contest, letting her customers choose a name for the doll, which will be the store 'mascot', and so will get lots of exposure, good advertisement for me, and also the Bluegrass shop.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Current project

Here is a 'head start' on one I'm working on. The challenge is to create a larger doll from a tiny cartoon image. More pictures of her, if she 'develops properly'. I might try again, making the nose larger and the hair blonde, as in the original drawing. But I do like this face, anyway. This is totally a no-pattern project.