Friday, March 5, 2010

Another batch of bunnies, free pattern

Just in time for Easter: Here's another of my patterns from the past.

This is Hopp, Skipp, Jumpp, and Ronn.

Unfortunately, the instructions are missing, and I have not had time to re-write them, but the pattern is quite simple and self-explanatory, so I'm sure one does not really need instructions for it.  It could be made up in fleece, just as well, and cotton fabrics would be cute, too. Easy way to do the ears: bond the lining to the felt, stitch around edges, and trim close to seam.

I've saved it in pdf, at about 250 kb and at 950 kb. The smaller file is still adequate, larger is sharper. It includes a picture and materials list.

As with Belinda, below, just drop me an email, I'll happily send a copy to anyone who wants it.

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