Friday, March 19, 2010

Sweeter by the half dozen

Here are some dolls I made from the pattern Sweet Annie, by Mamaw's Creations. I tried to keep these 'kid friendly'. The features are all embroidered, the hair is sewn on, they have a bit of sand in their bottoms to help them sit up, their hair ribbons are anchored to the head. Their bloomers have elastic waists, dresses are sewn at the back, so they have no buttons that might come off.
They were such good little girls, I took them to Painter's Shoes and got them each a pair of nice new 'MaryJanes'. They put on their nametags and hurried out the door to go 'shopping'. They're sure to be adopted soon, and I'll miss them!!

Annie Sue, Annie May, Annie Lea, Annie Lisa, Annie Jo, and Annie Maria are 12 inches tall.

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creativedawn said...

Uniquely gorgeous!!!

hugz, Pam