Monday, February 22, 2010


Had a request for my mermaid on a moon, Cecelia, (scroll to bottom, click 'older posts', repeat for page three), made in an black version. So here is Rochelle.
She is made from a woven fabric, micro-fiber suiting, with a little bit of stretch, but it just does not make up as well as the knit dollskin! I must order some of that in dark tones, if I can find it. I tried several different hair materials on her, finally just used black eyelash yarn, which seemed a little too harsh, so I added some 'highlights' of rainbow eyelash yarn, and that gave her a more balanced, lighter look. I'm going to pronounce her finished.
Rochelle is made from the Arley Berryhill pattern, Minerva, and the moon-swing is my own addition.


Kristine said...
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Kristine said...

She's a real stunner!!
Kristine ;-) sorry had to delete the prev.comment..
google had signed me in incorrectly..oops!! ;-))

Kathleen Irwin said...

Rochelle is awesome - well done!

stitch4stitch textiles said...

Stunning, lovely doll. Diana