Monday, March 29, 2010

A bunny thing happened on the way to the farm...

This is my entry in the Cloth Doll Artistry Easter Bunny challenge.   Using the free pattern provided, we were free to be as creative as we wished, as long as we used all five pattern parts. I enlarged the parts, variously, and changed the pose. I used buttons for eyes and nose, pompoms for muzzle, added a tail cut as a small egg. She has wired ears, and a bow, fishline whiskers. She is 8 inches tall, to the top of her head, not counting her 8-inch long ears. Her fabric is an embroidered  cotton broadcloth. This is the original pattern (at right).
I also made these two variations. The little pink one is the original size. She is made of fleece with gingham inner ears and foot pads. She sits 5 inches tall, not counting her ears.  The grey hare (Jack Rabbit?) is enlarged about 50%, but only sits 4 inches to the top of his head, because of his pose.  All the pieces were cut by the pattern, the fabric and amount of stuffing making the difference in shape, and assembly offered lots of options.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sweeter by the half dozen

Here are some dolls I made from the pattern Sweet Annie, by Mamaw's Creations. I tried to keep these 'kid friendly'. The features are all embroidered, the hair is sewn on, they have a bit of sand in their bottoms to help them sit up, their hair ribbons are anchored to the head. Their bloomers have elastic waists, dresses are sewn at the back, so they have no buttons that might come off.
They were such good little girls, I took them to Painter's Shoes and got them each a pair of nice new 'MaryJanes'. They put on their nametags and hurried out the door to go 'shopping'. They're sure to be adopted soon, and I'll miss them!!

Annie Sue, Annie May, Annie Lea, Annie Lisa, Annie Jo, and Annie Maria are 12 inches tall.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Another batch of bunnies, free pattern

Just in time for Easter: Here's another of my patterns from the past.

This is Hopp, Skipp, Jumpp, and Ronn.

Unfortunately, the instructions are missing, and I have not had time to re-write them, but the pattern is quite simple and self-explanatory, so I'm sure one does not really need instructions for it.  It could be made up in fleece, just as well, and cotton fabrics would be cute, too. Easy way to do the ears: bond the lining to the felt, stitch around edges, and trim close to seam.

I've saved it in pdf, at about 250 kb and at 950 kb. The smaller file is still adequate, larger is sharper. It includes a picture and materials list.

As with Belinda, below, just drop me an email, I'll happily send a copy to anyone who wants it.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A free pattern for all...

Here's Belinda Jane Whitebunny.

This is a pattern I created in 1998.  I have copied it to pdf document form, and will be happy to email pattern and instructions to anyone who wants it. Just email me at


or post a comment here.

I have a few other old patterns that I plan to convert to pdf and offer free, when I can get to it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Introducing Vanessa

This is Vanessa. I used Patti  Culea's pattern, Janet Anne, for her. She turned out 24 inches tall, a bit more than the pattern, because my small piece of fabric could only be cut 'crossways'. So she is very long legged, but I like this pattern. Patti's designs are a joy to work with.  Vanessa's gown is made out of a 'thrifted' scarf, her shoes from a curtain fabric sample. Her hair is part of a scrungie from the dollar store! I tried several hair colors and materials, and like this best. 
Below, here's an alternative 'look' she and I considered. But I had wanted to make up the pleated looks so spring-like.  Better lighting on this picture, the flash above is a little harsh.