Monday, February 6, 2012

It's De-Lovely!

I just had to have Cindee Moyer's new pattern, 'It's De-Lovely!' and they are a joy to make, even when you goof as many times as I did when making this pair! First, I cut the faces the wrong way (as if I've never made a doll before!) and so they are very long slim faces. Hers is not so bad, but I'm not happy with his, nor his expression. To top it off, I stuck my finger in his eye (poor guy) while the paint was wet, and smudged his cheek, creating, now, an ill-concealed scar. I may yet make a whole new head for him. Then, again, maybe not. I'll be making another pair or two very soon, I'm sure. Like, tomorrow!! At least one of them should turn out to look like Cindee's.   A delightful, delovely design!!

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