Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Quilter's Retreat at the Beach

Well, here she is at the beach!! He name is Thelma, and she has brought along her newly finished quilt, to sit on, as well as her tote bag full of quilting books and a well-furnished sewing box. Looks like she is already getting a bit of sunburn, but oh, it feels so good to relax here in the warm sun.


Kathy K said...

This little lady is so amusing! Such a character... it just oozes out of her pores!! I love all the detail you put in to each of your doll characters.. where in the world do you find all the miniatures "things"??!! When my daughter was young, we made a "box" doll house and decorated and furnished it, and she made clothes pin dolls to people it.. she has fond memories of the hours we spent together on this project! Kathy K

Vada said...

Sorry for the delay in responding to your comment. I just found it.
Thanks for the compliments. Often the credit for the personality of the doll goes to the designer of the pattern, if I have worked with a purchased pattern. The items in the 'sewing boxes' are mostly from little sewing kits with small spools in them. Some things I make. The sewing magazines are reduced images of the real thing, made into thin note pads. On just has to 'get creative'. ;^)