Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another new member of the quilting club

Ellen is made the same as Evelyn, being sisters, cut out at the same time but of different fabrics. Ellen is made of dollskin. Her hair is alpaca roving.
Here is the text from her tag (She's already gone 'shopping'!):
An avid quilter, Ellen heads off to her quilting club meeting, where she will put the finishing touches to her small quilt. Dressed in stylish skirt and tee shirt, her alpaca hair freshly ‘done’, handmade earrings and bracelet, necklace of threads, custom-made shoes of polymer clay, and secure on her removable stand, Ellen is well equipped, from wrist pin cushion, scissors, rotary cutter, and hoop, to a basket full of fabrics, batting, books, needles, thimble, and more, even her some-times needed ‘reading glasses’!
Ellen, like all the rest of us, is a one-of-a-kind, unique personality.

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Sue said...

Both dolls are fabulous! They shine!