Monday, January 4, 2010

Challenge doll pictures

Go here: for all challenge doll pictures. Or click on link at right.
Here's an update (Jan. 7) on what I've been doing. A picture is worth a thousand words....?


creativedawn said...

Hi Vada!
was wondering how large are the faces on your sweet pindolls? 3 inches? wanna make some, lol, maybe I can catch up with you. I am still plugging away on my two dolls...phew, it's slow going.

Vada said...

The un-embellished face is an egg-shaped 1-5/8 x 2 inches, and the finished pins run 2-1/2 x4-1/2 to a little bigger, depending on the hat, etc. The one with the blue hair and purple feather is about 3x5 overall. I insert a cardboard in the head, and stuff only the face, to keep them flat on the back. These are made in a woven cotton. I have made the print of these dozen 'faces' available at You get 4 dozen on a fat quarter. Nice if you want to make a whole lot for a bazaar, or something.