Friday, January 1, 2010

Challenge Doll Number One

Yay! The first one is done! I feel that is getting off to a good start. (I needed that!)

I named her Eliza, as in My Fair Lady, because she started out with a not-very pretty face, and a cider bottle covered with a drab fabric, and gradually became a lovely, charming, and talented individual. Her head, bust, and arms are built onto a screw-on bottle cap. S
he can top a larger bottle, too, or the cap will slip over the cork of a wine bottle. She has several skirt overlays, and a sparkly print crinkled poly georgette slip-on cover for the two-liter bottle. Like any fine wine, she's welcome at any party. See how composed she is, even as she returns home from the New Year's celebration.
Happy New Year to all!


creativedawn said...

She is gorgeous! Wish me luck as I attempt to keep up with this!

stitch4stitch textiles said...

Love her, a great idea.

Vada said...

Thanks, Pam and Diana. I'm glad you like her.
I made a new blog for the pictures of our challenge dolls, at
Please send pictures to me at
and I will post them there.

Kristine said...

hello from Georgia!!! ;-)...
I have just found your blog, and
your Eliza is the most clever thing I've seen
in a long while!!!..
couldn't pass by without telling you so!

With Warm regard on this cold day!!!
Kristine ;-)

Fabby Dolls said...

She turned out beautiful!