Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

These three divas are really putting their whole heart into this performance. Created from a design by Jill Maas (High Octave Hester), they stand about 11 inches tall.
Syrhanna is oh, so dramatic, Georgianna so plaintive, and Odessa seems quite serene.
They make a perfect trio,  or soloists.

Faewyck is also made from a pattern, (Elfshot, by Allison Marano). He is 15 inches, head to toe, sits and dreams of things he might hunt with his brand new sling shot. He is made of doesuede fabric, has a weighted 'bottom' so he sits securely on a log or shelf, wears a wooly fun-fur tunic. Needlesculpted and painted face.

Ah, the wonder and joy of motherhood! Think ahead to Mothers Day. One of these happy young ladies with her newborn infant would make a great gift for any Mom. The are my own design, each unique in dress and family background. 15 inches tall. 

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