Monday, August 12, 2013

New Venue!!

         Greetings from your long-lost dollmaker!!
I apologize for abandoning this page for these past months. Took a little break from sewing, to concentrate on gardening, photography, and other things. Then, when my friends' shop, Truly Bluegrass Arts and Collectibles closed, I thought my craft room would be bursting at the seams, when I brought everything home.
       But then...Great News! I was invited to Raintree Art Gallery, also here in Versailles. 
       Needless to say, I accepted the opportunity, Julie came and selected a nice variety, and has displayed them artfully among complimentary pieces by other artists.
        I am truly flattered and delighted with this new venue.

Visit the gallery at  2408 Crossfield Drive, Versailles, KY  or online at
This is Audine, created from the pattern for Madame, by Arley Berryhill. 

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