Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring is here!

A beautiful spring day in Central Kentucky, and here I am fooling around on the computer, instead of playing in the sunshine!  I've finished a doll this month and created a pattern for her, which is rather time-consuming. Amazing how many corrections and little additions one has to make. After a dozen revisions, in the midst of printing a few copies, I find a letter missing or detail left out. Urg!  But it's done, and I have contacted a couple of pattern market site. has placed a small initial order, and will carry it on their website, among the hundred or so other artists' patterns. That's an honor to be among such talented company!! They should have it online soon.
Also, I have listed the pattern for Candice on  under Clothdollsbyvada2, and my own . (See pictures of her at these last two places.)
Also, this winter I have been playing with a new graphics program, which was a free download. I love free things, don't you? I created this little graphic with it.

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