Monday, December 28, 2009

Two finished, and work in progress

In anticipation of the January Challenge project, I have been accumulating some new patterns, and did a 'trial run' on a couple, that I will make another of, in January. I'm posting these today, so everyone will know that these were made in December, not as part of the 30 for January. At left, the tall colorful one is my version of Celeste, an online freeby offered by My Sister Kate. Thanks to her for that pattern. I LOVE her. What fun to make her. Designed with clay feet and hands, but I made them in fabric.

The second one is Jill Maas' newest pattern, City Girls, and well, she has done it again!! Wonderful pattern, makes up easily. These two are definitely one-day projects.

The tall darkhaired one is simply a skirt I bought at Good Will for the beautiful fabric. It's just tied to a makeshift stand, a head from my 'spare parts' pinned on, and a handfull of yarn. I'm thinking I will make her in January, and she may or may not look anything like this. ;^)

The fourth one is a work in progress, which I will finish in a day or so. Her entire costume is made from decorator sample-book pieces. She also has hands and an unfinished head from the 'parts' stash. (Click picture for larger view.)

At right is HorseFeathers!. I made up this design and sold both finished dolls and the printed pattern a few years ago. This and a few other of my 'old' patterns are still available. I also made this up with cow and bunny heads. She is all dressed up in her jumpsuit, anticipating the World Equestrian Games to be held here (in Lexington, that is) fall 2010.

I will probably do one of these next month, too.

This 14-inch Naval Cadet is a special order of a proud mother, a surprise gift for her daughter.

I started with a body I had made up earlier, and just 'winged it'. She is properly dressed in respectable undies, a button-front shirt, and trousers, which cannot be removed. But her lined, fitted blazer, with real button-holes can be taken off. Unable to find small enough buttons, I bought a card of brass buttons with anchor design, scanned and printed them and glued them onto smaller ones. A dab of clear acrylic gave them an nice sheen. The insignia were done in similar fashion, from online images. The shoes are boydoll dress shoes. The cap and the uniform are made of a lightweight, dark blue denim. Then I learned the Navy Dress Blues are actually black. Oh, well. The customer was happy with it.

And last, but not least, today, is this picture of my "assistant". Or rather, INsistant helper. She's helping with the armature for the fingers. She just loves chenile strips and little stuffed parts, like hands. Occasionally I have to make a second pair, because she helped a little too much.


stitch4stitch textiles said...

love your dolls. Was I drunk, or mad or did I have a senile moment when I signed up to do this challenge. Even if I was, I'm itching to get started and have a few ideas I would like to try out. Diana

Vada said...

Sometimes I find myself thinking the same thing! But it is for fun, and to test ourselves, whether we can do it, or how far we can get.... ;) Enjoy!

Vada said...

Diana (stitch4stitch), I just visited your blog. Your dolls are wonderful. Love those little button dolls, too. Ellanora is lovely, and her sister is very creative. Thank you for adding my blog to your links. Happy New Year!

BumbleVee said...

awww your assistant is so cute ... and so helpful too! If my husband liked cats and wasn't allergic into the bargain....I'm sure I would have an assistant too...