Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ok, Let's party!

In response to a special request, I have created these two charming ladies.
Ella was made using the Arley Berryhill pattern that I also used for Claudia and Lana. She is 21 inches tall. Felicia is my original, one-of-a-kind design, 19 inches tall. I love her mischievious, rather flirty expression. I never know how they will turn out when I "put the pen to the blank face". Sometimes I get a nice surprise. I'm very happy with these two. Both have wired arms and hands, and heads that turn, and their pose can be changed to suit your mood, or theirs.
Ella is already sold. Felicia will be available at the Truly Bluegrass shop .

The two dolls were made from the same fabric, a polyester faux suede, Ella using the reverse side of the fabric, which is darker than the right side, and darkened slightly more with the spray used to smooth the skin and control the slight nap. Ella's hair is lightweight wool fabric, fringed and stitched on in a continuous strip, controlled with hair spray. Felicia's hair is rabbit fir, glued on. Faux suede is difficult to hand sew, but has the right amount of 'give' to stuff and sculpt well. Features are hand drawn , painted, and needle sculpted.


Fabby Dolls said...

Beautiful!! How did you like working with Arley's pattern?

creativedawn said...

These dolls are fabulous and of course they both resemble people I know! imagine that...lol!

Vada said...

Fabby Dolls:
Arley Berryhill's patters are great. The figures are exquisite, and instructions are well written and illustrated. I have several of them.

BumbleVee said...

these are two beautiful ladies !! I've been talking about doing an Arley pattern for ages.... time to get on it....