Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer's Creations

This is Stella. Stella Werken, that is. And there she is a few years ago! My how time takes it's toll.

Shoes found at a yard sale seemed to spark my imagination. I'm working on several ideas. Shoes really make a statement, you know, and they 'make the outfit'. Stepping Out is one idea, not yet finished, or decided on.

I started working on a Santa, using a pattern for a rather pudgy fellow whose supposed to be headed to the beach for the basic body. He was not turning out to look any too 'jolly', and not necessarily old, the fabric I had for his coat looked more like a smoking jacket. Hence, the wording on the puzzling note he's found. He looks like he's just gotten up from a nap and needs that coffee.

For some smaller items for the shop, I made a whole litter of these little kitties and their mouse buddies. We take what we get for relatives, but we choose our friends. Allowing customers to exchange or choose the 'friend' has been a big hit. The Horsing Around pins are popular, too. I will have to be making more of them, soon.

Both quilting ladies have sold, now, as well as the Senior Couple-Juana Charleston and Shy Guy, and Tyece, the tall, dark lady, among others. Thanks to all my customers.

The Jockey in Team Valor's green and red 'silks' is enjoying some travel. He was part of a display at the Versailles Chamber of Commerce office for the month of July. Those folks requested his presence in the Woodford County display at the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville, later this month, along with some other items from the Truly Bluegrass shop.

I was invited to display four dolls in a special Woodford County Artists gallery at the Francisco's Farm Art Festival in Midway (KY) in late June. All these events are great free exposure, and have brought more sales to me, and the shop. Many thanks to all for those opportunities.

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Anonymous said...

Great to see the Team Valor silks on their way to Louisville again!

Love the kitties too.